Mr. Mayhem AllState Commercial

Locations Assistant

September 2010, Newark NJ

Mr. Mayhem

Mr. Mayhem and I on set, September 2010 in Newark NJ. My first job in Television!

The NewlyWed Game

Production Assistant

April 2011, NYC 

Writer/Public Relations, August 2011-Present

Let’s Chat, Online Talk Show through

  • Write content that is engaging and not only of Christian descent.
  • Reorganize expert content into speech and vocabulary better understood by an everyday audience
  • Apply knowledge of writing and exercise each individual voice of the show through the script, down to the director.

Stage Manager (Film Shoot) July 2011

NEP Studios Gods Behaving Badly, Hair and Makeup Test-Manhattan, NY

  • Assist Production Company in location duties hang signs, greet trucks, load in assignment
  • Organize and assign rooms
  • Assist/direct talent on where to go and who to speak too
  • Communicate needs of production to Manager/Engineer in Charge


Segment Producer/Writer For Hurricane Irene

August 2011, Long Island

  • Writing and producing segments for regarding Hurricane Irene on Long Island.
  • FETCH- FTPing the footage to from studio in packages, clips and soundbits.
  • NY Contact for all crews throughout Long Island and New York City.
  • NY Contact for Technical Operations center
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Audition
Producer Reporter Hurricane Coverage

Covering Hurricane Irene for

Weather Reporter Producer

Reporting from Sayville on Hurricane Irene

Talent/Producer October 2010

Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, NY

  • On camera talent for news project on Tenure and Mayor Bloomberg
  • Report on topic and interview people throughout Manhattan and Long Island New York regarding Tenure
  • Voiceover work on Tenure


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